Man in the Mirror
2015 Annual Report
For 30 years, Man in the Mirror has been equipping
men to disciple other men through the local church.
men impacted so far
Our BHAG (Big, Holy, Audacious Goal) is to see
10,000,000 new men leading powerful, transformed lives by 2025.
Field Staff
Field Staff are reaching men in communities around the country
Within one year of engaging with a Field Staff member a church sees an average of 15 new men in discipleship
"I believe our love for God can be measured
by our love for the person we love least."

Greg Wilkerson, Area Director – Chicagoland Area, IL

Two and a half years ago, I met James in front of a McDonald’s. He and a few guys were practicing for a drill team competition, and the Holy Spirit led me to ask them to perform at a men’s conference. James shared that when he was 18 he was incarcerated for over a year. He was on probation.

For the following year and a half, I took him to visit his parole officer and to his court appearances. James had a father at home, but their relationship was distant, and eventually, his father asked him to leave. James was homeless.

I remember Patrick Morley saying, “Your system is perfectly designed to produce the results that you are getting.” Many of our at-risk, young, African-American males are a result of a dysfunctional system. So we shouldn’t be surprised at what we are witnessing in cities like Chicago. The church should be the extended family to these young men. We see our brothers in distress; who can they go to for help if it’s not the church? I believe our love for God can be measured by our love for the person we love least.

After James had completed his probation, I encouraged him to participate in the Job Corp program. I see him on his free weekends, and he is currently doing well.

I always pray to God to heal where we are bleeding most profusely. Reaching men is the reason I am involved with Man in the Mirror. I saw this ministry as the catalyst for discipling men who will someday become the better fathers, husbands, and friends that Jesus Christ wants us to be. They need to see the hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"One of the blessings of being an Area Director
is the network of relationships that develops in our region. "

John Williams, Area Director – Palm Coast, FL

Tim came to me after one of the Man in the Mirror seminars as a broken and desperate man. His wife had just issued him a restraining order and he needed to move out of his home to another city. He shared with me his desire to turn his life around and asked me if I knew a church near his place of work that had a good men’s group.

I then called a men’s discipleship leader near where he would be living. The leader met Tim the following Sunday at his church and connected him to some other men. They helped him move, and Tim became connected to the men in that church. Tim and his wife then went to marriage counseling.

Imagine my great joy when I read a Facebook post later in the year that Tim wrote: “My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary by renewing our wedding vows!”

This is just one of many places where God is transforming the hearts of men and impacting families for the kingdom of God.

Man in the Mirror Bible Study
Many of the thousands of viewers of the Man in the Mirror Video Bible Study Online are actually small groups across the country and around the world.
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Doing [a different kind of] Time

Ninety-three percent of prisoners incarcerated for more than five years never receive a guest. But with the help of a Daytona Beach prison ministry and Man in the Mirror, men in the Tomoka Correctional Institution are experiencing peer discipleship that inspires hope beyond the concrete walls. Twenty-five inmates watched and discussed the How God Makes Men Bible study series semi-monthly in 2015.

Mark Dwyer, a volunteer, said, “The story of Moses almost got a standing ovation inside there. These lessons about how God develops us are applicable whether we are inside a prison or not.”

Just like the live Bible study in Winter Park, the men discuss the lessons in small groups and have table leaders. It’s a great way for somebody to get connected—a great way for someone who is struggling with the Word of God to see it come alive. And we know that we can provide a consistent level of discipleship going forward,” Mark said. “Who can fix that tangled mess inside of a man? Only Christ can. The video Bible study is something they can hold onto. It’s practical. It helps them clearly see God’s providential hand in their life.”

Leaving No Men Behind: Leadership Training, Seminars & the Journey to Biblical Manhood
Clark, OH:
During the first quarter of 2015, we held two Man in the Mirror events to kick off Challenge One of the Journey to Biblical Manhood. Reports are coming in of marriages being healed; the journey to find freedom from porn is happening as men are asking for and finding help from their brothers; and men are learning how to live out their faith and enjoying the journey together with other men.
Tyler, IN:
Jim now has his first Bible and has been diving into Scripture with the help of the guys in his follow-up group. He prays with his kids and wife every night. The way God has moved so powerfully is absolutely incredible! I am convinced that without us doing Success That Matters, following the plan Man in the Mirror provides, and using their resources, Jim would be in a world of trouble right now.
Pastor Jim, MI:
We’ve seen significant movement with the '5 types of men'—men who need to know Christ becoming Christians, and Cultural Christians growing into Biblical Christians.

Unique Web Visits

2014: 218,00
2015: 286,000

31% Increase!

Our IT department rolled out five new websites in 2015, including Two more state-of-the-art websites are expected to be completed in 2016.
Books! by the Box
Almost 10,000,000 books have been distributed through the Books! by the Box program since its start in 2000. Twenty-two titles are offered in bulk at discounted prices—perfect for small groups, one-on-one discipleship, and outreach.
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A New Home Base
In late 2015, we prayerfully pursued an opportunity to purchase a permanent headquarters. We are praying that God would provide the funds in 2016 to purchase the building without a mortgage, allowing us to invest every dollar back into ministry for the next 30 (and more) years.
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We are so grateful for how God has raised up generous partners who share our passion for discipling men. Our Board of Directors and staff strive to be good stewards of the spiritual and financial resources that God has blessed us with. People who see all that is produced from our office consistently tell us that they don’t know how we can do so much with so little. We have a great staff and have been greatly blessed by God.